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[NOTICE] For everyone who realized this is Splodey...

Well, I'm not sure what will happen if you google me, but if this journal comes up, yep, read this post! Yes, I'm Splodey, i.e. xploded_tb or xplodedtb or xploded-tb as you'll see on the webz. And I'm the one who's summarizing Junjou Romantica now, yes, and I translate BL stuffs for fun. Yeah.

This DW account is not used. I just leave it here to perhaps read some other peoples' stuffs. Heh heh. I don't know. As you can guess, I've given up my LiveJournal, so yep. I've shifted to a new site, and my translations and blog posts are all elsewhere. These are the places you can find me:

MY NEW SITE (translations + blog posts)
MY TUMBLR (translations only)
MY TWITTER (spamming and uh, yeah, random)

That's all. If you've any questions just...contact me, or whatever.